About Orville Pierson

About Orville Pierson

Talks, workshops, and consulting on job search assistance

Orville Pierson offers consulting services on job search assistance programs to colleges, universities, and not-for-profit organizations. He also offers training for career professionals working in those programs. He gives talks for job hunters of all kinds from students to executives. He welcomes calls from journalists, offering both background information and statements for attribution. Click here for a list of his appearances, interviews, projects and talks.

For more information on Orville’s consulting services, email him at Orville@HighlyEffectiveJobSearch.com

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Orville Pierson

About Orville Pierson

Orville is the author of The Unwritten Rules of the Highly Effective Job Search (McGraw-Hill), Highly Effective Networking: Meet the Right People and Get a Great Job (Career Press) and Team Up! Find a Better Job Faster with a Job Search Work Team.

He served for 19 years as Corporate Director of Program Design and Service Delivery for Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH), a $300 million career services company with 300 offices worldwide. He led the team that created programs and materials used globally by hundreds of career coaches with over a million unemployed job seekers.

In that role, he created the overall LHH job-search curriculum and was the primary or sole author of dozens of books, manuals and websites including:

  • One-to-One Sessions in Team-based Career Transition: Consultant’s Guide for LHH’s core job search program
  • Executive Directions: Creating Options in Life and Work
  • Managing Your Search Project: a job-hunting guide
  • The Milestones Seminar for Career Transition: Leader’s Guide
  • The Job Search Work Team Leader’s Guide
  • Nine Steps to Getting the Job You Want: Seminar, video, audios, participant book and Leader’s Guide
  • The Road to Entrepreneurship (for career change to self-employment) Seminar Leader’s Guide, participant materials and website content
  • The LHH Career Resource Network, website content
  • Numerous eLearning programs.

Orville trained hundreds of LHH career consultants around the world in the use of these and other program materials.

Orville is currently a consultant on job search assistance program design, related instructional media and career coach training. He has extensive experience as a speaker for college students, college and university career center professionals and unemployed job hunters ranging from hourly workers to senior executives.

He has been in the career services field since 1977 as a program designer as well as a trainer and career coach to hundreds of private clients. His education includes a 1965 BA from Yale University.

Orville Pierson’s appearances, interviews, projects and talks

Business Schools and Management Programs

  • Harvard Business School, Boston alumni
  • Fuqua School of Business (Duke)
  • Simmons School of Management
  • University of Connecticut School of Business
  • Foster School of Business (UW)
  • Lally School of Business (RPI)
  • University of New Haven, Business School alumni
  • Queens School of Business, Kingston, Ontario
  • Boston University School of Management
  • Duke University, Masters of Engineering Management

Colleges and Universities

  • DePaul University, keynote, Career Week
  • Mount Holyoke College
  • Quinnipiac University, alumni events
  • Simmons College
  • Rensselear Polytechnic
  • University of Massachusetts, SHRM
  • Elon University
  • Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Career Professionals

  • Career Resource Managers Association, (CRMA) MA, keynote
  • College career counselors, CT
  • Indiana college career counselors, Purdue U.
  • Midwest Association of Colleges and Employers
  • Washington DC area deans and career professionals

Community Groups, Non-Profits

  • Between Jobs Ministry, Houston
  • Russell Library (Middletown, CT)
  • Jewish Vocational Services of Chicago
  • Community jobs group, Rochester
  • Richard and Mica Hadar Foundation (students in the arts)
  • Career Place, Chicago
  • Women’s support services, Phoenix
  • Council of Protocol Executives, NYC
  • AbilityLink Expo, Chicago
  • Career Conference, Apostolic Church of God, Chicago
  • Jewish Family Services of Hartford “JETS”
  • Mandell Jewish Community Center of Hartford
  • Executive Networking Group of Chicago
  • National Able Network


  • Job hunting expert for ABC News Primetime
  • ACE (Association of Colleges and Employers) Journal
  • NPR radio, network TV, Charlotte NC
  • CBS TV, Rochester NY
  • BostonWorks.com
  • Peter Clayton Total Picture Radio
  • YOU Magazine
  • Rick Gillis Employment Radio
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  • Kenrick Chatman Talk Show
  • Business New Hampshire magazine
  • Cincinnati, The Enquirer
  • Denise Rubin, Work Does Matter
  • For Me magazine
  • Toronto Metro
  • Sheryl Silver, LA Times syndicated column in about two dozen newspapers
  • Forbes.com

Talks for Business Executives and HR Professionals

Too numerous to list, mostly through LHH


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