Team Up!

Team Up!
Find a Better Job Faster with
a  Job Search Work Team

Team Up! Find a Better Job with a Job Search Work Team by Orville Pierson

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Undoubtedly, the two most effective job search strategies involve networking and Job Search Work Teams.In this book, you’ll learn how to put all of the information in the other two books into practice as a member of a job hunting team. Job Search Work Teams have proven successful for 20 years with thousands of job hunters. Studies document the effectiveness of this supportive and productive approach to job hunting. And team members found jobs 20% faster.

The teams use numerical progress tracking, an essential part of any effective job search. These simple measurements tell you whether your job search is effective, before you have a job offer — or even an interview. If what you’re doing is effective, you should do more of the same. But if it’s not, you should start doing things differently right now.

Teams have transformed the process for job searchers who participate in them. The benefits are numerous.In the last 20 years, job hunting has changed dramatically. It’s not just about the Internet; it’s also about how job hunters can collaborate to get the work done better, using simple numerical progress measurements in a supportive group, a Job Search Work Team.

Here’s what experienced career professionals say about 
Job Search Work Teams:

“The Job Search Work Team is one of most successful — and by far the most transformational — innovation in the history of career transition services. Job hunters embrace the experience and get jobs faster.”
— Steve Harrison, Co-founder and Chairman of Lee Hecht Harrison, a 300-office global career services company, 35 years’ experience in career work

“Undoubtedly, the two most effective job search strategies involve networking and Job Search Work Teams. Orville’s book, Highly Effective Networking so effectively addressed the former and now he tackles the second. I can attest firsthand to the advantages and effectiveness of both books. Orville articulates what you need to do – and how and why.”
— Joe Ciola, 12 years as Job Search Work Team facilitator and leadership coach

“Orville’s book is a must read for anyone who wants to land a new job quickly. As a team facilitator, I’ve discovered how team members flourish in this structure, and often say that the team meetings are the highlight of their week. This book makes a critical component of job searching smart, easy and accessible.”
— Jean Baur, 19 years in career work, Job Search Work Team leader for 15 years.

“The Job Search Work Team methodology is a key component in leading my clients down the path of successful transition. The structure of the meetings help team members stay focused on achieving their goals. The process invites team members to create a true team environment where everyone ‘owns’ each others’ searches – and networking occurs as a natural outcome.” 
— Deborah Krawiec, 21 years in career consulting, 17 years experience with Job Search Work Teams

“Team Up! is a great guide to forming and running a job search group, whether you are a professional career coach or a layperson working to help people in a community organization. Orville offers practical advice on how to form, grow and manage the work team. In a period of ongoing change in the economy, industries and companies, it is helpful to have a group of peers who are in the market to provide real-time insights into what they find works. The work team, as envisioned by Orville, provides the mechanism for this.“
— Jay Colan, 24 years experience in career work, 14 years experience with Job Search Work Teams

“The unity of the team inspires the members to execute their job searches in a productive and professional manner. The genius of Pierson’s Job Search Work Team is the driving force of 12 members intensely focused for two hours on connecting themselves to work. What gets measured gets done. JSWT is a sanctuary for rebuilding careers. It is personal and it is successful. In the past 30 months at St. Patrick’s, 41 job offers were accepted by members of the Job Search Work Team.”
— Ed McEneney, 20 years in career work, Job Search Work Team leader for 14 years

“Teams have transformed the process for job searchers who participate in them. The benefits are numerous: Members feel they’re not alone; the metrics provide clarity for their actions; productivity is increased; sharing knowledge and experience is the order of the day so everyone improves their game. People need structure and discipline — especially during periods of unemployment — and Orville’s process answers that critical need.” 
— Claudia Gentner, 25 years working with job seekers, executive positions at three career services firms, currently leading a church-sponsored Job Search Work Team

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