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Find a  Job

Job hunting is a work project, just like fixing a leaky sink, planning a wedding reception or building a house. If you have done the project many times, it’s easy to manage. But if you don’t do it often, like planning a wedding reception or job hunting, you need a Project Plan so you can work smart and get it done right.

The Pierson Method is a proven job hunting system used by over a million people. In addition to the Project Plan, it includes Progress Measurements and Job Search Work Teams.

Progress Measurements enable you to answer the question: Even before I have my first interview, how can I tell if I’m making progress in my job search?

The Job Search Work Team is an organized way job hunters can help each other. Unlike networking groups or support groups, these teams are based on scientifically proven methods. Team members have been shown to find jobs 20% faster.

Networking is an essential part of any highly effective job search. If you know how to use it and what to say, you can succeed, even with a small network.

Job Search Work Team members have been shown to find jobs 20% faster.

Already using the Pierson Method? Here’s where to get your free Progress Chart and the other materials used in Job Search Work Teams.

Want to become even more effective in job hunting? Here are some additional Job Search Resources that Orville recommends.


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