Progress Measurements

Progress Measurements

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Once your Pierson Method job search is underway, you’ll use a proven set of progress measurements. The most important measurement is the number of conversations you’ve had with Decision Makers. Keeping track of this, and other indicators of progress, is essential.

In addition to interviews, most job hunters also set up informal conversations with targeted Decision Makers, using job search networking. This approach allows you to get an inside track by talking to the right Decision Makers before they have an opening. And that’s the way that smart, well-prepared job hunters often succeed – once they learn how to do it.

The Progress Chart in Team Up! Find a Better Job Faster with a Job Search Work Team is very useful in tracking your progress in networking as well as in other search methods. This Progress Chart, available here as a free download, has been used by over a million private clients at the world’s leading career services company.

The most  important  measurement  is the number of  formal and informal conversations you’ve had with Decision Makers.

The Progress Chart is based on formal research as well as surveys of successful job hunters. These are all described in Team Up! Find a Better Job Faster with a Job Search Work Team. In that book, you’ll see exactly how much effort it takes to find a great new job — and exactly what kind of effort works best. The Progress Chart is a tool that allows you to gauge your progress toward a great new job. You can see how much progress you’re making and how fast you’re moving, even before you have your first job interview. And if you’re not satisfied with your progress, your team can help you improve it.

The Job Search Progress Chart

Download the Progress Chart (pdf)

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