The Pierson Method

The Pierson Method

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The Pierson Method is a job hunting system that uses a Project Plan and Progress Measurements. It guides you step-by-step through a highly effective job search in three phases:

1. Get Ready: Plan and Prepare.

First, you create a Project Plan, then do a reality check on that plan to confirm that it’s, well… realistic. The plan defines your personal job market, since after all, you are not looking for just any job, working for anyone, anywhere. You want a good one, one that suits you. So you need to define which segments of the national job market you want to pursue.

You’ll use social networking websites, of course, but they’re only one piece of the solution.


Many people think that writing a resume is the first step in preparing for a job search. However, if you make a Project Plan first, you’ll write a better resume, because you will know exactly which job market you’re talking to.


2. Get Moving: Take a Systematic Approach

After making a plan, you will gather information about your personal job market by talking to people as well as using the Internet. The most effective job hunters find that talking to the right Decision Makers before they have a job opening gives them a significant edge. This is usually done by networking.

You’ll use social networking websites, of course, but they’re only one piece of the solution. You also need to understand how networking works in a job search — and how you can best move from LinkedIn, job boards and the rest of the Internet to real-time conversations.

If you want to move faster, the Progress Measurements will show you what you need to  do.

In this phase, you will also test the Seven Search Techniques to see which will work best for your particular job search.


3. Manage Your Search: Use Progress Measurements

In the last phase, you will use numerical Progress Measurements to see how fast you’re moving toward that new job. These measurements cover all of the Seven Search Techniques, including networking. If you want to move faster, the measurements will show you what you need to do – and how to move on to the final steps of interviewing and starting a new job.

Job Search Work Team can make all of this easier, more comfortable and faster. As a team member, you’ll see what works — and what doesn’t work — for other job hunters. So you’ll learn faster. And you’ll get objective advice on what might work best for you. And if there is no Job Search Work Team nearby, you can start one.

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