Your Project Plan

Your Project Plan

One of the first things you do in the Pierson Method is create a three-part project plan. This helps you write a better resume. But, most importantly, it gets your job search organized by answering three basic questions.

1. Your Professional Objective: “What kind of work do you want to do?”

This is not a vague personal objective, like “I want a fast-paced job with a dynamic company.” Instead, it identifies your profession, or field of expertise. It might also mention which parts of that profession are your strongest suits, the areas you’re most interested in. If you put a very brief version of this at the top of your resume, Decision Makers will instantly know what departments should know about you since it tells people what you have to offer.


2. Your Target Market: “Where do you want to work?”

Here, you define the group of organizations you most want to work for, specifying the geographic location, size and industries you like best. This allows you to create an actual Target List of employers to go after.

Your Target List is just as important as your resume.

Completely ignored in many job search books, your Target List is just as important as your resume. It increases your chances of working for an organization that you really like, one that values its employees – a place where you’ll have high job satisfaction.

3. Your Core Message: “What will you say to Decision Makers (and everyone else)?”

This is what you will say to convince Decision Makers in your Target Market that you can do the work specified by your Professional Objective. It’s the central message in your resume. It’s the message you want to get out “on the grapevine” when you’re doing job search networking. It’s also the foundation for successful interviewing.

If you want to know more about a Project Plan, a Target List and how to create them, there are five chapters on these topics in The Unwritten Rules of the Highly Effective Job Search. Once you have a Project Plan, and it’s time to get going full speed on a job search, a Job Search Work Team can help you do that.

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