Job Search Work Teams (JSWTs)

Job Search Work Teams (JSWTs)

Readers of Team Up! and The Unwritten Rules of the Highly Effective Job Search, can get free downloadable JSWT resources by clicking here.

Collaboration and teamwork often make work go faster and better, and that’s certainly true in job hunting. Joining a team can make your job search more comfortable as well as more effective.

Job Search Work Teams (JSWTs) are a proven method used by thousands of job hunters for over 20 years and included in programs offered by nonprofits, religious communities and educational institutions as well as a global outplacement firm. Studies show that they provide numerous advantages. There is considerable evidence that they make job hunting more effective, more comfortable and faster.Team Up! Find a Better Job Faster with a Job Search Work Team explains exactly how to create, use and lead them. That book also provides the studies and other evidence that team members find job faster than non-members.

The teams use a simple numerical progress tracking system that shows members how well — and how fast — their job searches are moving. JSWTs offer you a new and better way to do job hunting — as a member of a supportive and productive team. And there’s good reason to believe that they can help you find a great new job in 20% less time.

Team Up! Find a Better Job Faster with a Job Search Work Team gives you all the evidence of the teams’ success and tells you everything you need to know to start, join, or lead a team. You’ll also learn about job search programs over the years, so you can see what worked, what didn’t, and why. And you’ll see exactly how the newer methods — including the teams — make it all go better.

The book provides the tools used in the teams and includes a complete 25-page “how-to-do-it” manual that covers:

  • The Mission of the Job Search Work Team
  • The Benefits of a Job Search Work Team
  • What Happens in a Team Meeting
  • Team Leadership
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • How You Know It’s Working

You’ll also see what a job search skills curriculum looks like – the basic areas someone needs to know to be successful in job hunting. And you’ll see your options for combining the team, the tools and the curriculum into a powerful personal job hunting program, one you can use in your current job search and in any future job hunting as well.

Here’s what leaders of job search assistance programs say about Job Search Work Teams:

“We introduced Job Search Work Teams in 2007 and have operated as many as 13 teams at a time. We find that about 60% of our members’ job landings were individuals who were on a JSWT, even though only 25% of all members participate on teams. Job Search Work Teams provide a proven structure of weekly accountability and group support. Simply said, Orville Pierson’s Job Search Work Teams concepts work!”

— Chris Campbell, Executive Network Group of Chicago, a 22-year-old nonprofit

As we track each job seeker’s progress over the last five years, 70% of those landing jobs have been on a Job Search Work Team!

“In the Between Jobs Ministry (BJM) at Northwest Bible Church, we have nine Job Search Work Teams of 8 to 12 members that meet each Monday all over Houston. The teams vary considerably: some consist mostly of “senior managers,” some mostly of “individual contributors,” and still others are “hybrid.” All teams are made up of a variety of different professions. As we track each job seeker’s progress over the last five years, 70% of those landing jobs have been on a Job Search Work Team!”

— Dr. Roy D. Farmer, Founder and Leader of BJM, Houston TX

“There is perhaps no better example of being successful in conducting a job search in today’s environment than joining a Job Search Work Team. Pierson’s extraordinary concept employs a value chain of self-discipline, organizing and building one’s network, developing a strategy and getting started. More than 100 team members have landed jobs in the two years of the program.”

— Judith R. Rosenthal, Founder of The Schmoozer’s Job Network, 
a program of Jewish Family Services, West Hartford, CT

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