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Ready to Get Started on an Effective Search?

Starting a job search and starting an effective job search are two different things. You can start job hunting by posting on a couple of job boards. This takes very little time or thought.  But will it take your career in the direction you want to go? If you haven’t already done so, please take a few minutes right now to consider the best ways to do this project.

In starting an effective job search, the best first steps are deciding what kinds of jobs to pursue, defining your personal job market and creating a communication plan to talk to that particular market – a targeted core message about your qualifications.

Many job hunters don’t even consider defining their personal job market, but doing that is a central part of an effective search. After all, those statistics you read about the national or local job market may not apply to you. Your personal job market could be quite different and you need to plan accordingly.

Once you’ve defined the job market appropriate for your career and personal needs, you can write a better resume because you know who you’re writing for. And that same focused core message – targeted to a particular set of jobs in a particular set of organizations – is important in interviewing and all other search communications as well.

Even more important, you can use the definition of your personal job market to create an actual list of employers. This allows you to conduct a well-organized, proactive search, researching those employers, and systematically contacting the most promising.

Which takes us to the most important part: The most effective job hunters don’t merely pursue job openings, they also pursue the right organizations prior to the announcement of job openings. To do this, you need to plan your search project carefully, the way you would plan any important project.

In job search, the key elements of the initial project plan are: (1) deciding what kinds of work you want to do, (2) defining the personal job market that makes sense for that kind of work, and (3) creating your best core communication message for that job market.

Once you have this kind of project plan in place, implement it proactively, using objective measures of your progress as you go.

Now is a great time to get started – or to re-energize your search if you’ve already started.

May you find the right job soon.

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