Job Search Work Team Resources

Job Search Work Team Resources

The free downloadable materials on this page are for people using Job Search Work Teams. Orville’s book, Team Up! Find a Better Job Faster with a Job Search Work Team explains how they are used and why they help people find great new jobs faster than traditional job hunting methods.

These revised and updated materials replace the materials that appear in Orville’s book, The Unwritten Rules of the Highly Effective Job Search.

The first one, the Progress Chart, can be used by anyone, whether they are on a team or not. Everyone is welcome to download these resources for personal use or use in a non-profit organization.

The Job Search Work Team Toolkit

All of these items are fully explained in Orville’s book, Team Up! Find a Better Job Faster with a Job Search Work Team

Job Search Progress Chart

This is the sheet you use to record your progress tracking numbers each week. Be sure to copy page two, the definitions, onto the back of the Progress Chart. When you understand them, these numbers tell you how fast your search is moving and how to diagnose and correct any problems. The Chart is also available in Excel, but you need the pdf version as well so you’ll have the definitions.

Download the Job Search Progress Chart (pdf)
Download the Excel version of the Progress Chart (MS Excel)

Job Search Work Team Contract

These are the agreements signed by all team members. This one-page contract is essential to the success of the team. Without these six agreements, the team becomes a loosely structured discussion group that is not likely to get people into great new jobs faster.

Download the Job Search Work Team Contract (pdf)

Weekly Report Tent Card

This is a name tent that is also used to inform other team members of your progress in job search every week. They need this information in order to provide answers to your job hunting questions and suggestions on how you can get better at job hunting.

Download the Weekly Report Tent Card (pdf)

Optional Wall Chart

This large wall chart is an alternative to the Weekly Report tent card.

Download the Optional Wall Chart (pdf)

Reminder Card

This is a folded card that sets on the table at Job Search Work Team meetings. It reminds team members of the agreements in the JSWT Contract and displays the format of a verbal progress report.

Download the Reminder Card (pdf)

Final Report to the Team

This is a template for the report that members give to the team when they find a new job.

Download the Final Report to the Team (MSWord)